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EVfuture focuses on R&D related to electric vehicles. We are currently developing prototype vehicles of 400W and 800W designed specifically for indian road conditions.
We are based near Pondicherry, south India. If you are interested in more information on our products please get in touch with us.

We also run this website with the attempt at bring awareness about electric vehicles to the Indian consumer.  This section is a yellow pages with contact information for companies providing services or selling bikes.  Please click on the company name in the left hand column to display information about each company.

We are planning on updating our information in the near future so please check back.  For people interested in advertising their products/services, please get in touch with us through the contact form.

EVFuture Mark 1
EVFuture Mark I is our latest prototype vehicle.  We are currently importing the motors and controllers but are going to be working with Indian manufacturers in the near future.
We are initially producing 15 of them to test out on our dirt roads.  We will be fine tuning them and once that is done we will take it to the next level.

EVFuture Prototype On The Road

Motor Technology

We are testing different motors and controllers to get a feel for what works with respect to power, mileage, etc.
Here are some of our results so far:
Motor Controller
Top Speed Batteries Range
400W 35A 45 48V, 20Ah sealed lead acid 30 kms
850W 35A 55 48V, 20Ah sealed lead acid 24 kms
400W 35A 45 48V, 26Ah sealed lead acid 38 kms
850W 35A 55 48V, 26Ah sealed lead acid 35 kms
500W 25A 39 48V 20Ah C/2 SLA
48 kms
850W 40A 60 48V LifePO4 20Ah 37 kms

Battery Technology
We have tested out various Indian batteries and have found some that we are happy with.  We have imported some lithium packs from a chinese company and are testing them.  The weight is great - our 48V 20AH pack weighs just 12 kgs!  The equivalent mileage with a 26AH pack of lead acid batteries is weights nearly 40 KG.

Advanced Battery Management System
We have developed an advanced Battery management system (BMS) that will plug into any standard controller.  It has a 128x64 pixel graphic LCD display and shows and monitors battery state.  The prototype in the picture detects speed automatically from the hall sensors of the motor and the wheel diameter.  It monitors current, voltage and distance travelled.  A trip counter button lets you reset the trip counter so you can easily track distance between charges.   Another button, the Mode button, lets you switch between 4 different driving modes.   Full mode lets you drive at maximum power, where the controller you use is the limit.  20A mode limits current to twenty amps, making riding still enjoyable but with somewhat less pickup.  10A mode limits power to 10 Amps, making the bike slow but steady.  This is the ideal mode for economy driving, and goes about 25 km/h.   A 25k/h mode limits the speed to 25 km/h but does not affect power.
Another feature of this BMS is an external temperature sensor that connects to the controller casing.  Monitoring of this lets the BMS switch off or reduce power based on the heat of the controller, making it more difficult to blow the electronics.
We are developing this into a product which we hope to sell on the indian market and abroad.  Interested parties should contact us for more details.

EVFuture BMS Display
The Team
The EVFuture team consists of various professionals that contribute on a part time basis.
The core team is made up of the following people:

Mechanical Engineer, in charge of R&D.  He runs the EVFuture workshop and manages production for our range of prototype vehicles.

Akash Heimlich
Software & Electronics, in charge of this website and EVfuture BMS.  He takes care of the business aspect and designs intelligent batterty monitoring circuits for the EVFuture vehicles.
Professional Service
We can assist you on a professional basis if:

- You are looking at entering the market and importing vehicles
- You require designs for electric vehicles

Our team is well-versed in these areas and has built up contacts with reputable companies to provide your total solutions.
Solar Charging Station
On Earth Day 2008, EVfuture launched a solar electric vehicle charging station in Auroville, South India.
The charging station has 2 panels on the roof and built-in chargers for 36V bicycles.  For people with different voltages, two 220V sockets are provided for external chargers.  The system works by charging batteries during the day and so people can charge their vehicle at any time of day or night.

Charging Station In the Morning Light

Detail of the charger connection box


About Us

Advanced Battery Management System
EVFuture Mark 1
Professional Service
Solar Charging Station
The Team

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