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Ultra Motors is a global electric vehicle company based in UK, which has launched its new
range of Petrol Free Electric Two Wheelers across India through exclusive retail outlets. UMC
also has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Russia, China, Taiwan and USA. A revolutionary new
concept, Ultra Motor promises reliable, zero-emission transportation at prices accessible to
consumers in the vast markets of today’s emerging economies. Through this innovation, UMC
envisages to catalyze this transition toward Light Electric Vehicles across the globe. The
company has sold more than 25,000 “Ultra Powered” vehicles in the first year itself in India and
expects a triple digit growth in the coming season.
For its path breaking work on the EV technology, Ultra Motor Company was selected for the
“Technology Pioneers 2007” award by the World Economic Forum (WEF). UM has also been
awarded as the “New Market Entrant” of the year by the UK Trade & Investment India Business
Awards 2008 for launching & introducing the finest range of Electric Two Wheelers across India.
Ultra Motor today offers Light Electric Vehicles with high performance, superior design, and
reliability. Our products are affordable and easy to use. The Ultra Motor promise is simply to
deliver the best products tailored for India today. Our vehicles are available through our
widespread distribution network and supported by our experienced and dedicated service team.
A truly global company, with a broad vision, Ultra Motor transportation solutions will form an
important part of the future of India.



Ultra Motors

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