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Next Generation Reva Cars

Posted on 09/Oct/2009
The next generation of electric cars are being developed by Reva.  Three different models, the NXR, NXR Inter-City and NXG lines will give the consumer a good variety of options to choose from. The NXG model will offer ranges of 200 kms per charge and a top speed of over 130 km/h. For more details, check out the Reva site here.

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By Alkas Ansari on 25 08, 2011I Am Interested to perchage this Next Generation Reva Car So Plese Let Me Know The Cost Of this Product In Delhi & Send Me The Dealer Name & Address In Delhi send me detail in ""
By ksampath on 24 08, 2010this is sampath i campleated mba iam intrested with dealer ship in reva shoroom in may details.
By ksampath on 24 08, 2010pl send may mail to supplay details and advance bookings,

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