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TVS Moves Away From Electric Vehicles

Posted on 28/Jun/2010
TVS Motor Company has put its electric vehicle production plans on hold due to poor sales. It has also shelved plans to launch electric three-wheelers and stopped its production of its line of battery powered scooters, the Scooty Teenz Electric scooter.
Although TVS had some initial trouble with their teenz model, they seem to have perfected the scooter over the last year.  If more large companies like TVS give up on electric vehicles this could mean the EVs are not ready for India yet - although the rest of the world is certainly embracing them.

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By Jallum on 21 07, 2011The American Automobile Association (AAA) is, for most car owners, the place you contact whenever you need roadside support. But what about the rising quantity of electric and hybrid electrical vehicles (EVs) on our roads? Who will attend to their service requirements? AAA plans to analyze one possible remedy next month. The service intends to try out new mobile charging support trucks on a demo basis in six target cities. I found this here: AAA unveils service trucks for electric vehicles
By R.Ramakrishnan on 11 08, 2010Obviouly TVS has moved away from e-Scooters because of their obsessive focus on & grand success of petrol driven models. There was never any focus or thrust on e-scooters both by the company as well as the dealer network.The dealers never carried sufficient stocks and in fact many dealers were deselling the product. If you lack the will you are doomed to failure. TVS should have developed an independent dealer network for e-Vehicles instead of the appending the product to existing petrol vehicle dealers. R.Ramakrishnan, Sankrithi BSA, Coimbatore. Contact: 9789771114. ( Dealers for BSA Motors-E-scooters)

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