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Electro Vehicles Europe (EVE) : Retrofitting cars, buses and boats!

Posted on 22/Jan/2011

EVE is a company based in Bergamo, Italy, offering state-of-the-art conversion services for cars and four wheelers in Europe. Its famed electric converted De Lorean and Smart were newsmakers at the Milan and Bologna motor shows held towards the close of 2010. According to the company the De Lorean's historic drive from Milan to Rome, a distance of 800 Kms - all electric – is a point in favour of electric cars as being capable of making long hauls* and not just short intra city drives like most evs.

Techies Note : the nuts and bolts of this herculean but rewarding project is detailed on their web site

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By EVFuture Admin on 20 01, 2011Electrifying boats and marine craft
Besides offering specialised retrofittiing and conversion services to motorists with green concerns and those seeking viable altenatives to gasoline, EVE services the marine and sailing boat industries, showing that alternatives are being sought by others outside of the automobile and bike sectors as well. *

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We at EVfuture think that this is a significant development as claimed by EVE. While it may still be some time before important breakthroughs in storage technology can make this a common phenomenon,being able to get cars to go long distances is actually a big win for EVs. For one of the things that have been limiting the growth and maturity of Evs, apart from high pricing, is the poor charge to distance factor or ratio. We believe that the coming of improved batteries - offering good range - will make a big difference to the way EVs are perceived by the public.

We also think that it is heartening that elecric motive power is being considered by players from other sectors too. It will only enhance mass belief in and support for transportation that relies on alternative, reliable and non polluting technologies. Such demand will also fuel R&D and product development of the same bringing them closer to market manifestation.

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