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Electric Motorcycle: ErockIT

Posted on 11/Apr/2011
The ErockIT is more a motorcycle than a bike, and indeed, it might be one of today's quickest forms of inner city transport. The whole thing weighs just 110 kilograms and with over 45lb/ft of torque and 13bhp, it can top 50mph. The range can be extended by pedaling along, though your strokes don't actually ever make it to the wheels in a conventional way. Instead, your legs turn a small generator which adds a bit of juice to the battery. The company has plans for a limited model release starting next year. ErockIT says it is using a nano-phosphate lithium battery in its present design, which it expects to last for 10 years or 50,000 kilometers of use. Depending on driving or pedaling style, a charge should last for 60 to 80 kilometers, and cost the German consumer about 60 Euro cents, or just under U.S.$1. The ErockIT weighs about 100 kilos (225 pounds) so you won't be able to carry it up the apartment steps, that's for sure.

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