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Mahindra REVAi

Manufactured by REVA
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This electric car is imported or manufactured by REVA. This vehicle has a top speed of 80 km/h and an autonomy of approximately on a single charge .
This product requires registration and a license to drive.
REVAi is the newest edition of the petrol-free revolution on four wheels. This electric-powered vehicle is just perfect as a city car. Its size, styling, simplicity, safety, economy and eco-friendliness endear it to everyone. Discover the REVAi today. The future is driving it. ARAI Certification was attained for this product.
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Top Speed:80 km/h
Motor:13kW AC Induction
Batteries:48V, 200AH Lead Acid
Charger:2.2kw, 15A plug
Charge Time:80% in 2.5A

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Manufacturer Website:Open Manufacturer Site

User Comments

By S JAYACHANDRAN on 09 11, 2015Very cute and nice. Just I want to know the price how to book the car and other details about this car.
By Prathamesh on 01 08, 2012Mahindra all India toll free help line:
1800 425 1624

Good day to you all...
By Prathamesh on 01 08, 2012Dear All, please use the following link for all sales and product related queries:
By Kaoba Ningthouja on 25 03, 2012Seem no one is ready to answer don't go for it, hope a fake advt.
By Nalimaer Veruy on 24 03, 2012Electric cars are new concept of cars in the market that use electrical energy charge battery. It has advantage compare to the natural fuel car. When individuals purchase electric automobiles, they get federal tax credits. In addition there are an increasing number of third-party companies that convert regular automobiles to electric automobiles, and those vehicles qualify for the EV tax credit too. If you want car finance for bad credit, you will get a new electric car.
By EV factory,CHINA on 23 02, 2012Looking for buyers.
HIPOWER electric car : LiFePO4 (lithium iron) battery + BMS + charger.
Quiet, Clean and Easy operation.
HIPOWER group is the pioneer in LiFePO4 field in China.
By shaik adamshafi on 23 12, 2011seating capacity kya hai?aur is ka prize kitna???
By Vishnu Brahmbhatt on 21 12, 2011Reva ka Price kya he, or reva ki life kitani he, battary ki life kya he. Id 09004198974
By anandan on 14 12, details please
By chivukula chiranjeevi on 29 11, 2011good car n what is the price of the car?
By ram thakare on 16 11, 2011Reva ka Price kya he, or reva ki life kitani he, battary ki life kya he. Id -
By Rajesh Songa on 06 11, 2011im from guntur andhra can i get this car and how nuch does it cost?please contact me
@ 93 97 34 39 21

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