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My Ideal Vehicle

Give us your feedback about what your ideal electric vehicle would be. If you are en existing EV owner, tell us what you would change on your existing vehicle. This input is very valuable to manufacturers since your feedback speaks for many people facing the same issues.
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Electric Vehicle

by anushka kumari on Feb 12, 2021 My ideal vehicle is an Electric vehicle. Nowadays, the importance of Electric vehicle charging stations has risen more than ever. So, if you ever found an electric vehicle consulting for then Ayushi Infotech can be a perfect option for you.

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Bulk Trade of E Bike

by Bulk Trade e Bikes on Aug 19, 2010 I am Nishit Mehta I am electronics engineer deal in R & D of battery operated vehicles from last 3 years .I create a ebikezone on yahoo group .the intense of creating group is we can discussion common problems of the same additionally group member exchange knowledge /new thing’s on group. You can download a latest upcoming model’s photo graphs. Also you download the government announcement/policy regarding to battery operated vehicles. Click this address to join the group
After joining my group you can download and upload of photo/files and access links .I have make facility to you can access photo`s from our group. I have make a separate albums like local e bikes/imported e bike/e bike spears/machinery for manufacturing e bike/e car and many more.The link is
http://in.groups. group/ebikezone/ photos/album/ 0/list
also I make download the file facility in this section you can download the files which related to e bike industries its contains government notification ,news ,spears parts list/VAT /Road tax/Sales tax /subsidy etc
The Link is
http://in.groups. group/ebikezone/ files/
All this data collection need lots of time and lots of affords to me and I want to promote this technology in India .
As you know Government is looking only in metro's (like Delhi) for pollution and only this technology give greenery to India .I don't want see silencer in vehicles .This is my Honest and sincere effort for prevent earth .lets join and promote this technology to chase our target. At present we are fighting with government for subsidy on battery operated bikes in all state and even policy in all state of India for battery operated vehicles of India kindly give me inputs on above subject.

Also you can call me on 09727593777/ 09327680399 for any project assistance guidance or bulk deal of e bikes/spears/ machinery/ Project

electric scooter /bike/motorcycle Manufactory from china

by electricscooterschina on May 15, 2010 China factory find distributor,,we supply Electric motorcycle,Electric scooter,Electric bike with EEC DOT approved owns full intellectual property to product lines.
with 200W,500w 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 5000w motor

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Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
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sell electric motorcycle scooter from china factory

by electricscooterschina on May 15, 2010 Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., the top electirc Vehicle factory in China
supply Electric motorcycle,Electric scooter,Electric bike with EEC DOT approved owns full intellectual property to product lines.
We honored to be European Union senior supplier in 2009 year. Our electric vehicle will be Exhibited in Shanghai 2010 EXPO in Union Hall. We have more than 10 years experience in exporting EEC/DOT electric motorcycle,electric scooter,electric bike to EU/USA and we
are 5years Golden Supplier . We are selling these electric motorcycle ,electric scooter at a competitive price. We strive to ensure that our products are reliable, updated.

Based in Zhejiang, China ,Our factory Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co.Ltd

manufactures OEM electromechanical parts and electric vehicles. Our machines are powerful with patented motor. They are real pure electric, noise free and pollution free. Take the advantage of our quality products and fair price now and enjoy your life more. An excel R&D team with a perfect after-sales system,we not merely supply electric

motorcycle,electric scooter but aslo focuses our providing superb service includes

research & development,production-manufacturing,technicalconsultation,maintence,ect.
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All E Bike Parts

by Bulk Trade e Bikes on May 13, 2010 For all you requirments regarding electric vehicles , Sales, Spare Parts, (Right from basic nut bolts, to motors, controllers, Batteries) contact Tarang Auto Lullanagar Chowk, Pune - 09687657776... you can rest assured about Quality once

Looks matter!

by meera on Apr 13, 2009 It would be nice to have electric vehicles, be it a bike or a car, better looking and have similar price range as petrol vehicles.

My Ideal electric vehicle

by murali on Apr 10, 2009 My ideal EV should get charged while riding ... should have a regerative braking for increaing the drive range. Battery life should be atleast 2 yers and cost should be half to that of convectional vehicles ...



by EVFuture Admin on Apr 06, 2009 Wouldn't it be nice to have a reverse option on all e-bikes so that when you are parked in a tricky location between 2 other bikes you could just glide out without sweating?

100 kms range

by EVFuture Admin on Apr 06, 2009 I would love to own an electric vehicle that could give me at least 100 kms range at a reasonable speed (45+ km/h), which would extend my battery life and not have me worrying about whether I can get somewhere the same day or not.

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